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Hey! This is- The Place, and my name is Richard Brooks. I believe we live in a Universe of Unlimited Possibilities.
Mission: to Enhance Lifestyles.
This can be a jumping off place for expanding your possibilities.

For Those Who Choose to Live Beyond the Dreams of Others

If you are really interested in Lifestyle Enhancement........yours, this could be one of the better ways to create a significant second income, in spite of- or because of- the unsettled economic and political situation and questionable job market.. Should you be really serious about making more money, there is the real possibility of walkaway residual income, all from the comfort of your Home..... check out the - "Love Working From Home" banner and the "Advancing with Us", banner below.

Should the present (Spring 2008) shakey economy concern you, click on the "Beyond the Economy" box below.

This Site is designed to give you the information needed to make an educated decision about changing your financial life for the better, therefore - Enhancing your Lifestyle.

To Live Beyond It's About Money
Beyond the Economy

In the Comfort and Convenience of your own home.

By Working from home you ARE Enhancing your Lifestyle.



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Picture credit- Hubble Space Telescope STS ScI Feb 1995.
This Hubble telescope image shows a small portion of a
nebula called the "Cygnus Loop."
This nebula is an expanding blast wave from a stellar cataclysm,
a supernova explosion, which occurred about 15,000 years ago.

My concept is an exciting Network Marketing organization (Team) expanding
just like a rapidly expanding energy front, like this expanding nebula.
The energy and opportunity is unlimited. You live "Beyond the Dreams of Others"

One Page or Another Update- 02/26/14
This Site will always be under construction.
I'm continually "tweaking" it.

This web site is primarily an informational and marketing site for the concept of
promoting and enhancing lifestyles. I enjoying creating the pages here
with the hope that others will grab the idea of helping others. There are links
to comments by people expressing themselves about the business aspect
of what I might be presenting along the way. Some pages are "dream"
pages, while others are looking at what is going on in the world, plus a comment
or two.

I enjoy myself with this site, there might even be a whimsy page or
so now and then. Check out the office staff.

My primary goal is to help those who want help, enhancing health and wealth.
Hence Lifestlye, and Life... Style.